Sports-apparel company '47 has a growing line of Pride merchandise featuring the logos of sports teams painted in rainbow colors. With the increasing popularity of "Pride Nights" and "Gay Nights," and the embracing of the LGBT community by pro sports teams looking to rake in pink dollars, these hats and other apparel are growing in popularity.

"'47 started selling their Pride product nearly a year ago," '47 spokesperson Jill Greenwood told Outsports. "They are licensed in several leagues including: MLB, NHL, NBA and college (which is on a school-to-school basis). Product range is headwear and apparel and the brand is looking to expand in both categories as well as adding socks to the assortment. The plan is to begin showing the assortment to a wider range of retailers moving forward."

You can see the line of Pride apparel offered by '47 by clicking here. It currently contains hats from at least seven MLB teams – including some big-market teams like the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs – and two NHL teams.

We look forward to seeing more teams lend their logos to the rainbow.