Tanner Williams is an openly gay pole vaulter for the University of Oklahoma and married to a man. His life today is a far cry from the time when Tanner considered killing himself after being bullied and taunted in his youth.

His story, which was featured in a wonderful piece in the Daily Oklahoman, is a perfect example of the idea that it gets better for most LGBT people when they are able to come out. Along those lines, Tanner made a video for Outsports and the It Gets Better Project that highlights the great changes in his life.

Tanner made the video along with Alex Morgan, his best friend and a straight ally. Alex was the first person Tanner told he was gay and it’s cool that she agreed to do the video.

Tanner and Alex didn’t nail the video the first go-round and he shared some of their outtakes below. I like the humor they show and how comfortable they both are.