The LGBT community has plenty of reasons to celebrate the victory of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals Tuesday night.

Warriors president Rick Welts came out publicly as gay in 2011 after many years in the NBA front office and with the Phoenix Suns. He subsequently left the Phoenix Suns, moved to the Bay Area to be with his partner and joined the Warriors.

"Hopefully people who are in my similar position have had an opportunity to see that this can play out really well for them personally," Welts told Outsports in 2011, "and also to help elevate both the quality and quantity of the conversation about sexual orientation in men's team sports."

That worked out well.

Jarron Collins, brother of Jason Collins, joined the Warriors as a player development coach in July 2014. Previously he played for four NBA teams including Welts' Suns in 2009-10. Jarron famously once wore a T-shirt that read, "I'm the straight one," on Jimmy Kimmel shortly after his brother came out publicly.

Jason didn't hold back his pride for both men:

Plus, the NBA championship trophy is headed back to San Francisco for the first time in a really, really, really long time. The San Francisco Giants have blessed the city of Harvey Milk and Armistead Maupin with recent titles, and now the Warriors join them.

It's the gayest NBA championship since the Boston Celtics wore those short shorts.