While Michael Sam is "on leave" from the CFL's Montreal Alouettes, the team's general manager says NFL teams have been calling about Sam showing some interest. Jim Popp told The Guardian:

"I do think there are still teams in this day that still have an interest in him, and they are hoping he does play in the CFL and he does well, because they want to take a chance on him for their team – or see him do certain things for their team," he said.

Popp added that several NFL teams have called him since Sam went home, asking if he knows why Sam left and when he will be back.

"They wouldn't be calling if they weren't interested," he said. "They were monitoring him to see how he did here. There's a lot of people who want to see Michael Sam play, and they are going to tune in to see him play."

It's an interesting development. It's not surprising that NFL teams would be tracking Sam's movements and progress. He has the talent and resume to be in the NFL, and some NFL teams are obviously watching his time in the CFL to see if he can perform at the professional level.

Popp also said he believes Sam will be back with the Alouettes and that he just needed a break.

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