In a reversal, the Detroit LGBT Chamber of Commerce has told Outsports that the Detroit Lions are not hosting an official NFL LGBT Pride Night, and that the team’s connection to the event is arm’s-length at best. The event will be much smaller in scale than previously announced, and the Chamber is looking for support outside of the Lions organization to put it on.

From Kevin Terrell Heard, spokesperson for the Chamber:

The Detroit Regional LGBT Chamber Of Commerce was told the team wouldn't be able to confirm ticket ability or pricing until just before the single-game ticket on-sale (late July).

Also, the Chamber is currently looking for a sponsor for food and drink. The Lions organization is only looking at seating options for the group.

These event is not sanctioned by the league or team as they do not participate in social or political campaigns. It is hosted by the Chamber and we are only working with the sales office to get seating.

We have started speaking about a possible community event. That has not be finalized.

Heard also told Outsports that the facts previously distributed by someone at the Chamber of Commerce – that the Lions were hosting an official event with a block of tickets – were inaccurate.

If true, it is odd to hear that the NFL and Lions won’t sanction the event because “they do not participate in social or political campaigns.” The New England Patriots signed an amicus brief for same-sex marriage. The San Francisco 49ers tweeted a message of support for marriage equality. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted an official team LGBT event last season. And the League is actively engaged in training players and front-office staff on LGBT sensitivity.

Somebody has some 'splaning to do…

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