Swiss World Cup soccer player Ramona Bachmann took the opportunity of the world stage to talk publicly about being LGBT, allegedly for the first time. Bachmann spoke to Swiss publication Blick three weeks ago – during the World Cup – and talked openly about her girlfriend, proudly declaring herself a member of the LGBT community and in a lesbian relationship.

The World Cup is for you privately special as your girlfriend is in Canada.
It means a very lot to me that Camille is here. My family is here. It is good, in between talking to people outside of the team. They all give me a lot of strength and energy.

How long have you been together?
Soon it will be a year.

In men's soccer, homosexuality is still a taboo subject as other women, stars like Nadine Angerer and Abby Wambach, are open about it. Why?
I'm very open. I do not care if someone is with a man or a woman. In Sweden we deal with this issue fortunately also very open and easy to.

Bachmann has played for the Swiss national team since 2007. She plays professionally in Sweden for FC Rosengård, a half hour east of Copenhagen. She brings to 18 the number of publicly out LGBTQ 2015 World Cup participants.

You can read the entire interview at Blick. Gay Star News also has a wrap-up.

You can follow Bachmann on Twitter @bachmannr10.