Outsports is proud to be part of a SXSW panel that will tackle the sports media's role in social justice issues at this weekend's SXSports. The discussion will be held at the Four Seasons on Saturday, March 12, at 2pm.

For generations sports media outlets have aimed their focus on X's and O's, scores and results. Athletes have mostly followed suit, shying away from key social-justice issues in order to, they believe, maintain the largest possible fanbase.

In recent years sports media has taken the plunge into social-justice issues like same-sex marriage, transgender inclusion, racism and the lack of opportunity for women in sports. The discussion will feature conversation about recent events, including SB Nation's longform piece about the rape of black women by a football player, the race of Grayson Allen and other hated Duke basketball players, sexual assault at Baylor and much more.

The conversation will feature Outsports' Cyd Zeigler a moderator, with sports writer Jessica Luther and ESPN personality Bomani Jones joining. Each of them brings perspectives of different genders, races, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

We hope to see you this weekend in Austin!