Campus Pride has revealed a soft-launch for its new Campus Pride Sports Index, which rates college athletic departments on how inclusive of LGBT

So far 15 schools have filled out the required information to be listed in the Campus Pride Sports Index, but the organization has over 130 schools that are engaged at different levels of completing the survey.

Only one school – Ithaca College in Upstate New York – has received the maximum five ribbons on the index.

"My coaches welcomed me – all aspects of me – to the team," an unnamed member of the Ithaca crew team told Campus Pride. "And they were totally supportive when I brought a queer mentor to our year end celebration for the team and our families."

Campus Pride's Rebby Kern said the organization doesn't just give a grade to the schools, but also offers schools guidance on how to improve its LGBT inclusion.

"Every campus that completes the index gets a complete action plan. If they answered 'no' to a question about a certain policy, they would get recommendations about potential policies to put into place. And then we reach out to the campuses to work one-on-one if they want to talk about their score."

Check out the Campus Pride Sports Index, and if you don't see your college athletic department listed be sure to engage with an athletic director to fill out the form.