Craig James, the former NFL and college football running back who was fired by Fox Sports two years ago, is suing his former employer claiming his religious freedom was violated.

While he was campaigning for a failed political bid several years ago, James had spoken out strongly against same-sex marriage, saying that God would judge people if they didn't fight against un-natural marriage. The folks at Fox Sports apparently didn't think that action reflected well on their company, so they let him go.

"James never discussed his beliefs about marriage or religion in general on the job," the suit notes, according to Breitbart. "Nevertheless, Fox Sports informed James that Fox Sports fired him due to his beliefs about marriage, which were explicitly religious."

Problem for James is, he wasn't fired for his beliefs – He was fired for what he did with them. According to Fox Sports Southwest Senior Vice President of Communications Lou D'Ermilio, who talked with the Dallas Morning News, the decision to can James was because of his statements, not his beliefs.

"We just asked ourselves how Craig's statements would play in our human resources department. He couldn't say those things here," D'Ermilio said.

While people like to hide behind the First Amendment, that protects individuals from government retaliation, not the actions of corporations with whom someone has the opportunity to be employed. If he did not publicly espouse his belief that being gay is a choice and that gay people should not have equality, he may still have a job. James chose to act on those beliefs, and the actions are what got him in trouble.

We always hear that we're supposed to "love the sinner and hate the sin," yet when someone like James puts actions behind his beliefs we're suddenly supposed to turn a blind eye and love the action (espousing his hateful beliefs) too.

This seems like another publicity stunt for a guy who was a failed NFL player, a failed politician and a failed sports caster. He'll milk it for another 15 minutes of fame, though. Mission accomplished.