We can debate whether Tom Brady knew that New England Patriots equipment managers were deflating footballs before games last season. We can go round-and-round about whether a quarterback with footballs inflated to 11.5 PSI have an advantage over those who throw with balls inflated to NFL regulations.

What we cannot debate is that Brady has been absolutely fabulous since the Indianapolis Colts turned him in at halftime of the 2014 AFC Championship, and his play in various types of weather has continued to build his claim as a member of the pantheon of the NFL’s greatest of all time.

Brady has played 10 quarters of NFL football – in the pressure-packed AFC title game, the Super Bowl and week 1 – since the NFL has become keenly aware of the Patriots possibly, potentially, conceivably deflating footballs to give the franchise quarterback a little more cushion in his throwing motion. He has responded with some gaudy numbers against big-time opponents.

He’s completed 77% of his passes for 747 yards, 10 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. His quarterback rating in that time has been an impressive 124.8. This hasn’t been against the Raiders and Titans, this has been against the Super Bowl runner-up, the AFC runner-up and last season’s AFC North champion.

He's also done it in different weather conditions: Cold and sleet, perfect indoor weather and warm rain.

I have certainly been critical of Brady over the last year, but there's no denying he seems to be a man on a mission since the Colts turned the Patriots in for potential deflation of footballs, and he has responded with 10 quarters of Hall of Fame football.

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