Kurt Cobain would be proud.

Dalton Maldonado, the Kentucky high school basketball player who came out to his team at a basketball game late last year, has teamed up with a fragrance company to produce a new cologne dedicated to his courage. Xyrena, a Los Angeles-based company, calls the sports fragrance Formula 3 and is donating part of the proceeds to the You Can Play project.

For Maldonado, this is another opportunity to demonstrate the support LGBT teen athletes can receive and to help contribute to the fight against anti-LGBT bias in sports.

"This shows that something good can always come from something bad," Maldonado told Outsports. "I'm showing LGBTQ teens that it will get better, and they have support. You just have to keep fighting, stand tall, and never back down. Be true to yourself and the rest will work itself out."

You can purchase the $64 bottle of Formula 3 here.

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