On Tuesday, HBO Real Sports will explore the story of Dutee Chand, the Indian professional sprinter who was dropped from her country's Commonwealth Games team last year because officials say she has higher than normal testosterone levels. Chand didn't go away, fighting the decision and eventually winning the right to compete this past summer and just this week won three golds at the national championships.

"Everyone has to fight for something in this world," Chand told HBO Real Sports. "If I want to fulfill my dreams I have to fight. I want to compete with the body that I have."

HBO Real Sports has this description of their piece, "Dutee v. World":

In May 2014, Dutee Chand, India's fastest woman, returned from international competition with gold medals. Two months later, she was dropped from the national team and banned from competition. Track officials say the 19-year-old Chand had testosterone levels exceeding approved limits for women in international competition, but not from doping. In addition, she's neither a man nor transgender. Rather, officials say it was the result of hyperandrogenism, a condition in which the body naturally produces a high level of testosterone.

According to International Association Athletic Federations (IAAF) policy, that gives her an unfair advantage. Chand's case is just the latest chapter in an 80-year controversy over screening for sex in elite women's sports.

REAL SPORTS correspondent David Scott travels to India for an astonishing report that features exclusive access to Chand and track insiders as she defends her right to compete in international court and maintain her title as the country's national champion.