Robert Cummins is a long-distance trucker from Indianapolis, openly gay, and a huge Indianapolis Colts fan. His all-time favorite player is Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, as much for his hotness as his talent. Cummins got a front-row seat at Monday night's Jets at Colts game and held the following sign:

Cummins is not sure if the sign made it on ESPN's coverage of the game, but it was shown on the big video screen inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Cummins said that was more of an accident since the screen focused on a young boy holding an adorable sign about getting tickets for his 8th birthday.

The trucker said he has been a big fan of Vinatieri going back to his days kicking for the New England Patriots but his fandom blossomed when he joined Cummins' favorite team, which means he can wear this jersey to games:

Cummins says he feels a bit uncomfortable attending games as an openly gay fan, though there is nothing offensive or off-putting about his sign. Nonetheless, the sign disappeared when Cummins left his seat at halftime. He has no idea whether it fell from the railing (he was in the front row) or someone took it. No one said anything negative to him during the game, some fans smiled when they saw the sign and a member of the field personnel took his photo. The worst thing about the night was the result: The Colts stunk up the joint, losing 20-7 and dropping to 0-2.

Read Cummins' story about becoming a sports fan. You can follow him on Twitter.

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