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ESPN commentator Israel Gutierrez announces marriage in heartfelt coming-out message

Israel Gutierrez has labored for a long time on how and when to come out as gay. A week before he gets married, he has decided now is the time.

Isreal Gutierrez (right) and his partner, David.
Isreal Gutierrez (right) and his partner, David.

ESPN commentator and columnist Israel Gutierrez has come out publicly as gay in a powerful blog post in which hediscusses the powerful self-hatred he felt as a closeted gay man until he met the love of his life, David.

I've been agonizing for months trying to figure out how to do this.

It's been incredibly difficult, to the point where I usually talk myself in circles and end up making very little sense.

So I decided on this simple blog entry. No formalities, no restrictions, just me letting you into a portion of my life I've kept largely separate from my professional career.

I'm gay, which plenty of people, I'm sure, have either deduced or just guessed as much over the years.

You can read his full blog post here. It's a must-read, in addition to the absolutely adorable Batman and Robin T-shirts he's sporting with his partner.

What prompted Gutierrez to take the leap is his impending marriage to his partner on Sept. 12. For those who knew of Gutierrez's engagement, it's been a curiosity to see how he would handle it. Seeing him come out publicly as gay is a great move as it will free him and his soon-to-be husband from looking over their shoulders in public.

Congratulations and thank you, Izzy Gutierrez! Another powerful voice in the chorus.

You can follow Gutierrez on Twitter @IzGutierrez.