First FIFA said that Mexico fans chanting the anti-gay chant "puto" was not, well, anti-gay. Then they said that financial sanctions were not enough to curb discriminatory actions by fans. Now, in the infinite wisdom of the folks who run FIFA, they have fined Mexico and four other countries for "insulting and discriminatory chants during 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches."

The other countries being fined now are Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Honduras is also being investigated currently. It's interesting that they are only fining countries in South America and Central America, as though there isn't plenty of nonsense going on in other places; The homophobia that is spewed by fans in English soccer is well-documented (though maybe they know to behave themselves at World Cup qualifiers).

From FIFA's press release:

The Disciplinary Committee took the decisions after analysing all of the specific circumstances of each case, in particular, the position adopted by the association (if applicable) as well as the anti-discrimination match observer's report and the relevant evidence available. The committee has absolute discretion regarding the evaluation of proof (cf. art. 97 par. 1 of the FDC). The concerned parties have been notified of the decisions. Meanwhile, proceedings against the Honduras Football Association for apparent homophobic chants by its supporters are ongoing.

I guess it's better late than never.