New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski either: A) Seriously said that the entire 53-man roster of the Denver Broncos play dirty and try and injure people … or, B) Jokingly suggested the Broncos players enjoy performing oral sex on other men.

After Broncos defensive back Chris Harris Jr. said the only way to bring down the hulking Gronk was to tackle low, Gronkowski tweeted:

Gronk is a goofball so I thought this clearly was a sexual reference, especially with the emojis and the fact that he said the whole team. Some writers took him seriously, though, since Gronkowski was injured by a low tackle when the teams played Nov. 29. Some fans were offended, and I saw a few even suggest it was homophobic. No to the latter; it was pretty harmless trash talk. The same day saw Broncos players calling Pats quarterback Tom Brady a "whiner" and a "crybaby." This offended some Patriots fans, even though it's 100% accurate.

The best part of Gronk's tweets was the response by NFL Network "insider" Ian Rappaport, who has either led a sheltered life or was putting us on. The responses to his tweet were great.

The Gronk stuff is juvenile and I can imagine some dad trying to explain to his son what it means without saying what it means. But it’s goofy and inoffensive in my book. If Gronk is accurate, though, and all 53 Broncos like same-sex sex, then we have the first all-gay NFL team to root for. Go Broncos!