Update: After hearing from dozens of people, including gay people, I will accept that by "str8," Smith meant cool and was not a comment on his sexuality. I originally took his comment in context with what he said about Kerry Rhodes two years ago and overreacted. I apologize to Smith for making the inference. Here is the original post in the full interest of disclosure:

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. assured his Twitter followers that he is not gay because … we'll let him tell you.

The tweet came after a Houston Texans fan asked Smith “how’s your couch?”, a reference to the fact that the Texans were in the NFL playoffs while Smith’s Ravens were eliminated weeks ago. Why Smith chose those words baffle me, so maybe a reader can enlighten me, though it seems as if he was implying the Texans fan is gay.

This is not the only cryptic remark Smith has made about gay issues. Two years ago, while with the Carolina Panthers, he made these remarks when asked about the Panthers trying out free agent safety Kerry Rhodes:

"I don't know Kerry. We don't go in the same circles. We ain't in the same circles. We ain't in the same circles. I'll let that be."

This was an obvious reference to rumors that Rhodes is gay (Rhodes says he is straight) and was a cheap shot.

If touching a woman's boobs makes a guy straight, that's a bit of scientific knowledge I am unfamiliar with.