Numerous national soccer associations across Europe have entered into an agreement to build programs targeting homophobia in their sport and ensuring the inclusion of LGBT people.

Announced by the new Heroes of Football campaign, a statement of cooperation has already been signed by five countries at a reception in Amsterdam on Wednesday, hosted by the Royal Dutch Football League and attended by soccer associations from Belgium, Netherlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg, France and Turkey.

The statement read, in part:

We hereby confirm our intention to fully support the mission of the European diversity campaign ‘Heroes of Football’ coordinated by the John Blankenstein Foundation on behalf of all partners and granted by the Erasmus+ Project of the European Union. To deliver the best sports performance, we underline the necessity of ensuring that everyone can be himself or herself in the world of football. Football must create an environment in which opportunity is not restricted by prejudice or exclusion.

The statement includes various references to sexual orientation and gender identity and includes specific initiatives and benchmarks including visibility online and at stadiums, and diversity trainings and workshops.

One great element is a commitment to meet annually for each nation to update one another on their progress (or lack thereof).

Heroes of Football has also created a new honor called, well, “Heroes of Football.” The program recognizes and honors out LGBT people in the sport. So far they have included two people: Spanish referee Jesus Tomillero and Dutch amateur soccer player Danilo Verboom.