Maybe college football coaches kissing their players will become a thing. It certainly worked Saturday for Pitt Coach Pat Narduzzi, whose Panthers shocked No. 2 Clemson in Death Valley, 43-42, on a 48-yard field goal by Chris Blewitt with six seconds left.

Blewitt earlier in the game had missed an extra point and before halftime missed a field goal when the ball was kicked into the head of one of his own lineman. After that miss, Narduzzi went over to Blewitt, hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek. He said something that made Blewitt smile and then kissed him again with Blewitt scrunching his face as if his mom was kissing him.

“He had a couple of flubs,” Narduzzi said, “and I went over and gave him a kiss earlier in the game. We just stayed positive with him.”

ABC announcers Steve Levy and Brian Griese mentioned the kiss prior to Blewitt’s game-winning kick. “Narduzzi said to [Blewitt], ‘I’ll see you later,’ and he was there for them,” Griese said.

Narduzzi is not the only football coach who is not afraid to show his players affection. Houston’s Tom Herman is also a big kisser.