One high school in Massachusetts has given its community reason to be very proud. The golf team at Newton South High School named two LGBT members of the team their captains this season. Mike Pasqualini and Naomi Hong are the co-captains of the co-ed team, and they both told the school’s newspaper their sexual orientation simply hasn’t been an issue with the team.

“I definitely think that the fact that it does not play a role negatively or positively is really good,” Honig told reporter Noah Whiting.

“I think we are in a unique situation because both captains are not straight which is probably the most attention the golf team is ever going to get,” Pasqualini told the paper. “But I don’t think it plays a big part in athletics or my golf.”

Pasqualini, who said he identifies as bisexual, told Outsports the two captains were chosen by the members of the team and confirmed by the team’s head coach, which says a lot about the unwavering acceptance and support on the team.

He said has received virtually no public response since the school newspaper’s article ran last week.

"There hasn't been any reaction,” he said. “I've gotten a couple emails about it being a nice article, but nothing extraordinary."

Pasqualini said he’s unsure if he’ll play golf at the collegiate level.

Outsports was unable to reach Honig for comment.

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