Boston-based sports writer Alex Reimer decided to come out publicly as gay Wednesday during a spot on WEEI’s “Kirk & Callahan” show. What ensued was 20 minutes of incredibly comfortable questions and joking that demonstrated just how far sports radio — or at least the Kirk & Callahan show — has come.

Maybe “decided” isn’t the best word, as it seemed very spur-of-the-moment. The hosts had great fun with it, blasting him for not doing it earlier in the show so they could spend time talking about it; Reimer revealed his not-so-secret in the final 20 minutes of their show.

Reimer told Outsports he’s been “out” in his private life for over three years, but he had never talked about it publicly until Wednesday.

He said the reaction has been “great.”

The young sports writer contributes to various publications, including Outsports’ parent company, SB Nation.

Reimer did reveal Wednesday that not only does he have a crush on Justin Bieber, he also plays in the Boston gay flag football league. He revealed other interests and fantasies that we’ll let you hear for yourself in the interview.

Our good friend Steve Buckley, who has continued his dominance as one of Boston’s top sports columnists since he came out several years ago, told Outsports Reimer is a talent to watch in the coming years. With out gay guys in sports like Buck, LZ Granderson, Izzy Gutierrez, Chuck Culpepper, Jared Max and others, he’s in good company.

You can hear the entire segment here. You have to listen to it. It’s hysterical and revealing. Reimer has a great sense of humor.

You can find Alex Reimer on Facebook, and on Twitter @AlexReimer1.