Former NBA player John Amaechi took his time in front of the British House of Commons to rip into British soccer and its “purposeful” mishandling of homophobia in the sport.

Never one to mince words, Amaechi focused some comments on a common theme for his commentary on social-justice issues: The power structure.

"Football has the money and resources to do what it wants but it purposefully does nothing," Amaechi said, according to the BBC.

One could take issue with his claim of football doing “nothing,” as the Football Association and Premier League, in addition to various players and clubs, have engaged in a small handful of visibility campaigns.

Yet his larger point is unassailable. The Football Association, in addition to other pro-sports leagues like the NFL and NBA, could dismantle homophobia in their sports within a year if they chose to. It’s simply not a priority for these leagues, so they do the least they can do while looking like they’re doing something.

Amaechi, joined by out gay Olympian Tom Bosworth, also said something we know to be true: When athletes come out, the burden lifted allows them to focus more on excelling in their sport. Sadly, Amaechi personally knows professional soccer players who are still struggling in the closet.

"I have spoken to Premier League football players who do not think their club would be supportive,” Amaechi said.

Hopefully the FA and Premier League will do more to curb that in the next year. I don’t think Amaechi is holding his breath.

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