It doesn’t make any sense to me. Every season, as December hits and sub-freezing temperatures settle in, NFL players insist on wearing short-sleeve jerseys. Watching the Seahawks-Packers game on Sunday at like 20 degrees, virtually all of the Packers (except for quarterback Aaron Rodgers) wore short sleeves.

For a lot of these guys it’s a tough-guy thing, showing the opponent that you’re so tough you can wear short sleeves when you have to be a complete raging idiot to do so.

New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett has another take.

“Same reason women wear less on Halloween,” Bennett said. “It’s sexier. It’s cold during Halloween, too, but there’s a bunch of sexy cops out there.”

I don’t know about all this talk about women, but I know West Hollywood on Halloween. Whether it’s 40 degrees or 60 degrees many of the gay guys bust out the smallest outfits they can muster. Whether it’s a football player, Super Mario or Mickey Mouse, somehow the gay guys end up wearing next to nothing.

Thought I do think their goal is slightly different from winning a football game. Slightly.