Republican leaders in North Carolina reneged on a deal to kill HB2, which enshrines LGBT discrimination into law. In reaction, the NCAA has not changed its mind on holding championships in the state.

Good for the NCAA. All other sports need to follow suit and not hold any events in the state until HB2 is gone. The NCAA already moved basketball tournament games from the state, while the ACC moved its football championship and the NBA took the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, among other sports actions.

On Monday, the city of Charlotte repealed its LGBT-right ordinance, with the promise that the state legislature — controlled by Republicans — would repeal HB2. A special session was called, but the repeal was not done and both sides blamed the other. But the Republicans drove this train from the start and failed to stop it so HB2 — dubbed the “bathroom bill” for anti-trans provisions — stays the law. It was basically a double-cross.

The state will continue to suffer economically from HB2, but it seems many Republicans don’t care. They kept their majorities in both houses — though Gov. Pat McCrory was defeated — so they figure they can outlast the controversy. But there will be statewide re-dos of state House and Senate races in 2017 after a court ruling on redistricting, so the composition of both bodies might change.

As long as HB2 remains the law, sports need to just say no to North Carolina.