When a Twitter user lashed out at Boston Bruins left winger Brad Marchand, he probably didn’t think it would result in his complete abandonment of Twitter. Yet that’s been the end result for @DJ_Redd_Baron, who decided the blast-back he received was too much.

Baron took issue with something Marchand had done and decided he’d go with the old “let’s link him to homosexuality to question his personhood and see how that goes.”

The tweet and response:

To be clear, this wasn’t just the “faggot” as “weak” use of the word; He was directly connecting it to gay people being weak with the graphic description of a gay sex act.

Bye DJ Redd Baron. Good riddance.

Marchand had been catching some misguided heat on Twitter this week from people who didn’t fully understand his tweet looking to help a family who had lost their home to a fire. That family happened to have the same last name as the Bruin but were not related.

Stanley Cup of Chowder has a full breakdown of the tweet and some really positive reaction to Marchand’s championing of decency.

Marchand was drafted by the Bruins in 2006 and has been with the team ever since.