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Podcast: Gay college football player tells his story; Outsports at the Super Bowl.

Luke McAvoy came out to teammates at the Univ. of Minnesota two years ago. This week he shared his story on Outsports.

Click here to listen to the podcast live today at 4pmET

Our guest is Luke McAvoy, a defensive lineman for the University of Minnesota from 2011-14. He wrestled with a secret for years -- he was gay. McAvoy hid it fearing rejection but when he summoned the courage to come out, he was met with acceptance and support from teammates.

"It was the acceptance from my teammates that I will remember," he writes. "Being part of a family that did just about everything together for four years was amazing. Being part of a family that turned out to be so much more accepting and supportive than I could have imagined made me realize that I had nothing to fear. The only thing I should have been afraid of was what was in my own mind."

We discuss McAvoy's journey and also reminisce about Outsports' trip to the Super Bowl in San Francisco.

Click here to listen to the podcast live today at 4pmET