Last March the United States Tennis Association dipped its toe in the LGBT waters, creating a special tournament for same-sex couples doubles teams. The USTA has other tournaments for mixed-gender couples, and local organizers in Palm Springs, Calif., last year wanted to bring one home for the area's same-sex couples.

Now the USTA has named that tournament, in its second year, an official National Championship event exclusively for same-sex couples.

"The USTA is proud to recognize this tournament as an official USTA National Championship event," said Katrina Adams, USTA Chairman of the Board, CEO and President. "We were thrilled at the success of last year's inaugural event, and sincerely hope that giving the event National Championship status will allow it to continue to grow and attract even more same-gender couples to competition. Tennis once again has stepped to the front to break down barriers and ensure that our sport is inclusive and welcoming to all."

The tournament this year is March 4-6 in Palm Springs. Other same-sex-couples tournaments will be held in 2016 in St. Louis, Kansas City, Oak Lawn, Ill., and West Hollywood, Calif. Head over to the USTA site for more information on how to participate in these tournaments.