It’s been quite a week for Manny Pacquiao. The boxer started it off by saying gay people are worse than animals because they have sex with people of the same gender. Then when Nike dropped its endorsement deal with him, he posted a Bible verse on Instragram saying gay people should be put to death. He deleted the post, but not before 18,000 people liked it and a media outlet picked up on it. The damage was done.

We analyze the steps that led to this place for Pacquiao, and whether there's any way out of it for him (if that's even something he wants). We also talk about the delicate balance some Christian athletes are encouraged to find in today's culture.

Plus, a couple of great coming-out stories this week including track athlete Jack Strickland who won an award at a Christian college, and openly gay Pac-12 football white hat referee Steve Strimling.