Jamie Senegal is a professional wrestler and he's gay. The teenage wrestler from Delaware is part of Atomic Championship Wrestling and has been openly gay for a while on the tour. Senegal is 5-foot-9, 174 pounds from Rehoboth Beach, Del.

"All I've gotten is love and support," Senegal told Outsports, "because at the end of the day if you have passion and desire and drive your sexual orientation doesn't matter."

To understand how much sports have meant to Senegal, just take a look at this Facebook post from him earlier this month:

Despite what some folks on Fox News might think, sports as an institution is actually a powerful place of equality for many LGBT people. It’s awesome to see Senegal so out and proud at one of the pro-wrestling tours.

You can follow Jamie Senegal on Twitter @jamie_senegal. He's also on Instagram and Facebook. Hat tip to Paparazzo photography. And you can watch a video of Senegal training below: