One woman from Alaska, and three of her closets friends, will get a better glimpse of Super Bowl 50 than Tony Romo may ever get of the big game. Heck, better than just about anyone’s ever had. NFL fan Kristen Williams and three of her closest friends will enjoy the game from the one of the most tricked-out luxury boxes ever: A Marriott suite, complete with beds where Williams and her friends will wake up Super Bowl morning.

While it may be not much more than a publicity stunt, it's actually a pretty cool one. Romo, the face of the campaign, is in San Francisco this weekend as part of the whole experience.

By the way, spending just a few minutes with Romo today on Radio Row at Super Bowl 50, it's easy to see why Jerry Jones is so enamored with him. The guy is so gracious, so willing to sign a football or shake a hand. And from the look of the video he put together to celebrate this super suite at Levi's Stadium, he's got a sense of humor…

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