Tonight, Derrick Gordon of Seton Hall will make history when he becomes the first openly gay player in an NCAA men's basketball tournament game.
Naturally, the haters at the Westboro Baptist Church have vowed to protest the game, being played at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

This news prompted Charles Barkley, a studio analyst for CBS and TBS during the tourney, to tell everyone what he thought of Westboro, telling TMZ they are “awful” people.

“I really hate them sumbitches,” Barkley said “Hopefully, somebody will beat the hell out of those Westboro people.” Barkley went on to say that Gordon should “ignore the haters” and wished him the best.

Ignoring Westboro is the best strategy. They love attention and they have tweeted out Barkley’s threat numerous times, since they would love it to happen.

You can watch Gordon and Seton Hall take on Gonzaga tonight at 9:57 p.m. EDT on TruTV.

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