When professional wrestler Matt ‘The Money’ Cage came out publicly almost a year ago in June of 2015, he thought he might be a little blip in the national conversation about gay athletes in sports. Instead, he became a beacon for so many LGBT people – in sports and outside of sports – struggling with their sexual orientation.

We talk to Matt about his coming out experience, but more importantly his being out experience. Has it affected his professional relationships in any way? Have other wrestlers gravitated to or distanced themselves from him? And have any other gay pro wrestlers contacted him for advice?

We also talk about the effects of people’s constant drumbeat about sports and the black community being deeply homophobic. Is that true? And did the rhetoric of homophobia from LGBT people delay his coming out? Matt ‘The Money’ Cage offers his insights and experiences on all of this and more.

Plus, we dabble in the sport that Donald Trump has become.

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