The Atlanta Falcons coach who asked NFL prospect Eli Apple if he likes men has been identified as defensive coach Marquand Manuel, who offered the prerequisite apology for violating NFL policy and breaking the law. Pro Football Talk had Manuel’s statement:

"I take full responsibility for the inappropriate question I asked at the Combine," Manuel said. "It was wrong and I apologize to Eli Apple, Mr. Blank, the entire Falcons organization, my family, and our Falcon fans for my insensitivity. I understand it was inappropriate and the offense people have taken to it. I have had an individual counseling session on social responsibility today, and was part of a staff session as well, and found it very valuable in learning from this situation. Moving forward, I will become a better man by going through all of this."

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the questions were not isolated to one player, but Manuel and possibly other Falcons coaches asked many players the question.

Will the NFL do anything about it? Doubtful. The apologies have already come forth. Now they'll have someone hop on the phone with Manuel, maybe even head to Atlanta for a conversation with the coaching staff. The team will create a PSA and the issue will be washed away without the core issues never really being addressed.

That's how this works. Until the next incident happens, when the apologies come forward, someone hops on the phone…