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This is ESPN's Curt Schilling's disgusting view of transgender people

Curt Schilling demonstrated a disgusting view of trans people in a Facebook post yesterday. Given ESPN's long largely positive history with the LGBT community, he has to be fired over this.

Update: ESPN has fired Curt Schilling, as well they should have

Update: Schilling is claiming on Twitter that he didn't make the post. He has deleted it from his Facebook page. Here is the screen capture:

Curt Schilling trans post


Curt Schilling, one of ESPN's baseball commentators, yesterday posted an absolutely disgusting photo and caption on Facebook in regards to access to public facilities for transgender people. While trying to link trans people to this image is grotesque, I include it on this post as a demonstration of just how horrific Schilling's public display is on this issue:

Curt Schilling trans post

Lest anyone think Schilling shouldn't be held accountable because it was just a "repost" from someone else on Facebook, he doubled down in a comment on the photo:

Schilling trans post

Maybe making the matter even worse, one of ESPN's MLB editors is a trans woman: Christina Kahrl. How does the company tell Kahrl anything but, "We reject this message and this man"?

Schilling has become known for acting like a total jerk on social media, trolling Muslims on a regular basis.

ESPN has been very out-front on LGBT issues and incredibly supportive over the years. While there can certainly be some respectful disagreement on issues, Schilling leaves no room for that here. I cannot imagine a firing (or at least a very lengthy suspension) by ESPN isn't in Schilling's very near future.

Hat tip to Brandon Benson