HBO's Real Sports host Bryant Gumbel took two minutes of his show this week to speak directly to three powerful white, straight, cisgender men in sports about discrimination in North Carolina.

Gumbel was speaking, of course, about the Tar Heel state's new law, HB2, that mandates discrimination against LGBT people and forbids trans people from using the bathrooms and other public facilities assigned to their presented gender. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory tried to "soften" the law a bit last week, simply angering many LGBT people. Gumbel is also not buying it.

Gumble called specifically on the NBA's Adam Silver to move the league's 2017 All-Star game; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to move next month's owners meeting; and NCAA president Mark Emmert to move future postseason events currently slated for the state (next year there are men's Div. I basketball tournament games slated for the state).

"Since it's never too late to do the right thing," Gumbel said, "here's hoping all those guys may yet lead by showing lawmakers in North Carolina and other states considering such measure that their bigotry has a price. Here's hoping they come to understand what smarter people have often said: prejudice tolerated is intolerance encouraged."

Countless others have called for the same moves, including Charles Barkley. So far these three straight, cisgender men have refused to act.

Check out Gumbel's full commentary: