Tom Daley, the openly gay diver, was among athletes showing off the official competition uniforms for Team Great Britain, designed by Stella McCartney. His diving suit is very skimpy — even by diving standards; not that we're complaining. As the Daily Mail wrote:

While the athletic prowess of Team GB is what we're all supposed to be admiring in Rio come early August, Stella McCartney's eyebrow-raising kit designs are sure to attract a whole new audience to the Olympics…but sport might be the last thing on anyone's mind.

Tom Daley's skimpy diving attire, for example, might have set out to be the perfect marriage of 'performance and design', so says the celebrated British fashion designer, but they're so tiny, let's just hope he doesn't lose them when he launches off the 10-meter board in pursuit of a medal.

Here is a larger view of the small bikini:

Let's hope the divers of the other nations are similarly clad.