Some Washington Capitals fans showed what homophobic jerks they are by chanting "'faggot" and other gay slurs at some off-camera Pittsburgh Penguins fans during Thursday night's NHL playoff game, won in overtime by the Capitals.

The video was shot by Craig Brownstein, who runs Puck Buddies, a site for gay hockey fans. “I went outside the [Capitals’ home arena] during the intermission before the overtime,” he told Outsports. “A local TV crew was out there taping an interview with Pens fans. Dudebros carried on like that for nearly five minutes, getting in the camera shot.”

In general, the loudest homophobes often have deeply hidden same-sex desires, so these fans were just likely trying to cover up what they really wanted.

I am glad Brownstein, a Capitals fan, filmed them. "I didn't feel like doing a teachable moment with drunk, asshole bros," he said. Had it occurred in the arena, he said he would have called the usher to have them removed.

"The irony is that we Caps fans dump on Philly, Pittsburgh and other fan bases for boorish and vulgar behavior like that," Brownstein said. "It served as a bit of a wake up call." Idiots come in all jersey colors.