Alex Singh, a freshman at New Trier High School in Chicago, opened up to the media last week in response to the battle over access to public accommodations in North Carolina and President Barack Obama's ensuing directive that schools allow trans students to use the restrooms of their gender.

Singh appeared on PBS News Hour last week and shared his pride in participating on the school's boys' lacrosse team.

I go to New Trier school and I'm on the lacrosse team. I'm on the boys' lacrosse team actually. And this is my first year being on an all-guys sports team. And it makes me very happy to know that I'm going to a school that's so accepting that I'm allowed to be on a full guys sports [team] and be accepted as one of the guys, so to speak. And no one on my team has ever said anything to me about me being trans, and they all know and they are all very accepting, and the coaches are very accepting. … They all treat me as if I were biologically male, and that makes me the happiest person on earth to know that the people at my school and in my community are capable of understanding and accepting me for who I am.

Watch Alex Singh's full conversation with PBS News Hour about his transition and the support he's found on the boy's lacrosse team at his high school.

Hat tip to Randy Boyd.