Pro hockey player and former NHLer Paul Bissonnette is taking aim at transphobia by cutting ties with a “hockey lifestyle clothing” company after it made a pretty unbelievable misstep on Twitter. According to sources, Sauce Hockey on Monday tweeted something that referred to Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby as transgender and trying to get into a locker room. Lovely.

That tweet prompted conversations between Bissonnette and two powerful men in hockey with an understanding of LGBT issues — Patrick Burke and Bruce Arthur — about what the hell Sauce Hockey was doing and what they were saying.

The ensuing conversation between Bissonnette and Sauce Hockey wasn't so kind:

Sauce Hockey, of course, deleted the post lest more people come to their doorstep carrying pitchforks:

In the end, it was great to see Bissonnette engaged in the conversation and learning about trans issues. With only about 0.3% of the population being trans, it's so important that people keep their minds and ears open and be willing to listen. Thanks to Bissonnette for that.

Now, back to those Paul Bissonnette speedo photos….