An online petition is asking the ACC to move its conference championship baseball tournament out of North Carolina, given the state's new anti-LGBT law that encourages and mandates discrimination.

According to the petition, the ACC has signed a four-year deal to host the tournament in Durham, home of Duke Univ. The petition was started by Jim Prater, a Clemson graduate; The Tigers play in the ACC.

It would be incredibly difficult for the ACC to move the tournament this year, as it's set to start in three weeks. Yet given this is only the second year of the four-year deal, the conference can and should look to move the tournament out of North Carolina immediately. Beyond the statement it would send to the state and other states considering this kind of move, it would continue to keep LGBT athletes and coaches on ACC baseball teams out of the way of harm and discrimination.

You can sign the pledge to move the ACC baseball tournament by clicking here.