Curt Schilling, the former Red Sox pitcher fired as an analyst by ESPN for his anti-transgender post on social media, was turned down by Fox Sports for a similar job.

"We were approached by Curt's camp this week and passed," Fox Sports told Deadspin. "We're very happy with the group we have working baseball this season."

Schilling then hinted he would take his talents elsewhere:

He'll get hired by some right wing outlet that will love his brand of jingoistic hate.
Meanwhile, he can't stop posting images that distort the bathroom issue at the heart of anti-LGBT law passed by North Carolina. It's what got him fired in the first place and caused him to say that he had nothing against transgender people. If so, he needs to explain why he shared this on his Facebook page last week:

When Schilling allows something like this on his official Facebook page, he owns it.