The DJ who was personally responsible for playing the wrong recording of the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus at Saturday's Padre game is taking responsibility, apologizing, and making it clear there was no homophobia at play.

DJ Artform called into the Mighty 1090's Scott and BR Show Monday afternoon to let everyone know "there was no mal-intent or discriminatory actions" in his terrible screw-up that has left many in the LGBT community claiming homophobia.

"I ruined a great moment for a lot of people," DJ Artform said.

He explained that he had been emailed the Chorus' pre-record of the National Anthem and didn't take notice of a date issue on the recording file. Because of the date error, when he hit "play" Saturday night, the pre-record for Friday night's anthem, performed by a female soloist, was broadcast in the stadium.

"My stomach was in knots," he said. "I should have intervened, I should have turned it down. There are a lot of coulda woulda shoulda's."

DJ Artform said he was born and raised in San Diego, and that working for the Padres was his dream job. Now that dream job is gone as the Padres ended their relationship with him on Sunday. While it does not singularly explain away homophobia, he said he has LGBT family members.

"I understand completely about the issues that have been underlying the LGBT community and the gay men's choir," he told Scott and BR. "This isn't something I take lightly. So I have personally spoken to the (chorus) director earlier this morning. … I'm doing things on my side to be as constructive and proactive with this whole ordeal."

Will the Chorus accept his apology and ask that his job be re-instated? That will be interesting to see.

You can hear the entire interview with DJ Artform here.

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