When the San Diego Padres mishandled the National Anthem of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus last Saturday night, the team sparked a backlash from the LGBT community targeting them and Major League Baseball. Cries of “homophobia” rang from coast to coast. Two days later it was clear homophobia had absolutely nothing to do with the incident that was the boneheaded mistake of a DJ and some mishandling by people with the team. We talk about whether it’s appropriate or effective to claim homophobia without all the information, and if it damages the community when the claims of discrimination are untrue.

Plus, we give more details about our forthcoming Outsports Reunion in Chicago for Pride, which will bring together LGBT people in sports including athletes, coaches, referees, executives and members of the media. Plus, there will be various opportunities for anyone in the public or the Outsports community to join us!

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