The Ohio State University athletic department has decided that the Columbus Gay Pride parade is now suddenly too dangerous to have the school's mascot, Brutus, march in the parade.

"We appreciate all of the work that has gone into this and look forward to helping next year," Siobhan St. John, OSU's assistant spirit coach and event coordinator, said in an email to the Columbus Ohio Gay Lesbian & Ally Hockey Association, according to Outlook Ohio. "As a coaching staff, we have to protect our athletes to the fullest extent and … at this time we have decided that we will not have Brutus attend."

In other words: "You're on your own, folks."

Also according to Outlook Ohio, Ohio State is the only withdrawal from the parade, set for this Saturday, June 18. Local police have said they are ramping up protections for the parade. Other mascots from the Blue Jackets, Krew and Clippers are still set to march in the parade.

We assume Ohio State will now have Brutus avoid all military bases, elementary schools, post offices, airports and everywhere else there has been a shooting. Oops, of course not — He just has to be more careful around the gays.

"A campus-wide group of faculty, staff, students and senior officials led by President Michael Drake will take part," Ohio State spokesperson Benjamin Johnson told Outsports.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith has been vocally supportive of LGBT athletes.