The Canadian Football League has launched a new line of clothing featuring the logo of the You Can Play project, which works to undermine homophobia and transphobia in sports.

"We are incredibly excited to share this important opportunity with fans of every CFL team to show their pride," said CFL Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge. "We have a deep commitment to LGBTQ inclusion on the field, in the stands, and in our boardrooms, locker rooms, and front offices. I'm proud that our strong partnership with You Can Play is reaching this new level, and we're looking forward to furthering this relationship."

You can order the merchandise at

And to address a couple naysayers who didn't like my column from earlier today, the CFL mentioned "LGBT" three times in their Web site's story on the new line, mentioned "LGBT" three times in tweets and retweets in the couple hours after the launch of the line, and put "LGBT" in the subject of the email they sent announcing the line. So no, the apparel doesn't specifically say "LGBT," but that wasn't the freaking point of my column earlier today anyway.