A day after announcing that the school's mascot, Brutus, would no longer be attending the Columbus LGBT Pride Paradethis Saturday, Ohio State University has announced that Brutus will in fact be marching in the parade. The school said in a statement:

After additional consultation and reviews, the spirit program has decided to reinstate Brutus Buckeye in the Columbus Pride Festival and Parade on Saturday. Brutus will join a campus-wide group of faculty, staff and senior officials led by President Michael Drake and Athletics Director Gene Smith. Ohio State looks forward to participating throughout the weekend.

However they came to this decision behind closed doors, the end result will be a powerful display of support with the school's president, athletic director and mascot all on hand for pride.

Shortly before Ohio States' announcement earlier today, Ohio University announced that its Bobcat mascot, Rufus, would be marching in the parade.

All's well that ends well.