Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred recorded a one-minute video that was played at the Tampa Bay Rays Pride Night tonight. In the video, Manfred talked about the victims of the mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando and spoke directly about the LGBT community near the very start of the video.

"The LGBT community is part of the baseball community," Manfred said. "That community stands together as we try and heal from this devastating moment in U.S. history.

It's no surprise that the front office of Major League Baseball would get this so right. We know that when you put LGBT people in positions of power, they are able to understand the depth and gravity of a situation pertaining to our community in ways non-LGBT people simply cannot. Billy Bean, a vice-president at the MLB front office and an attendee of Friday night's Rays game, has his fingerprints on this video, and we salute both him and Manfred for speaking directly to and about the community targeted in the massacre last Sunday morning.

Still no word from the NFL.

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