We get some pretty bizarre messages at Outsports, especially when they're homophobic, but this is one of the most bizarrely bizarre.
We are not sure what set off this Canadian who messaged us, but it might have had something to do with Mark Tewksbury, a gold medal Olympic swimmer and now analyst for the Canadian Broadcasting Co. Tewksbury is openly gay and the writer references him, while mangling his last name. We can't see CBC coverage in the U.S., so we're not sure how much they have focused on gay Olympians. And we know Canadians have been way ahead of the world's curve on accepting LGBT people. So this seemed particularly odd.
This series of unedited emails came from "Patton," and by the end it seemed like he was just banging on keys:

As usual. You are pushing the faggots down our throats. Gay fucking pride Parades is just the tip of the iceburg. No wonder normal people. Hate and disrespect them. Why don't you just all get Tattoos with dicks and pussies. May as well the way they fucking go on about being gay. Why don't you just shut your fucking mouths about being gay and sucking pussies. After all…we all love to make love and feel good but you fucks take it way too far. You don't see hetrosexuals having pride parades…let alone waving a fucking flag. So why don't you all create a faggot planet all your own because you are doing nothing but trying to shove it down everyone else's throat. Which we think is obnoxious,totally disgusting….and for children to see you in your bullshit costumes during your pride parades. Well. I dislike Tukeberry….i know name isn't correct….but to me he will never be someone I look up to. Get it together Canada…let's support our true atheletes that are there foe one terason only…to compete….not drive someone's sexual preference down our throats. I think anyone that puts that ahead of being an athlete is totally disgusting. Get a fucking room a,d keep it to yourself. Idiots. You will be remembered as fags…not Olympians…at least in my eyes.So go shove your prider where the sun dosent shine….because the average person is so sick of hearing about gay pride and your fucking flags and your idiotic "costumes" that young children have to witness. Keep it to yourself please.

Hay. I have an idea. Why font we just have gay Olympics. Kererp all the fags in one spot. All their pushing down our throats. We don't like it. We don't want it. I serverdf my cVountry foir over 18 years…rule was…keep it to yourself. Take your Parades and stick them elsewhere too. Totally disgusting.

Sorry for typoes. But just so upset at their antics.Like I said. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay….just please please stop shoving it down our throats. Get rid of your fucking flag and cut out your fucking pathetic parades. Then maybe….and only maybe….you will EARN respect where respect is due. Keep walking down streets half naked and you will never ever have respect.That's some authentic frontier gibberish.