If Team LGBTI were a country competing together at the 2016 Rio Olympics, it would be the 61st largest of the then-207 competing entities. Currently counting 43 publicly out LGBTI athletes at the Rio Games, these athletes are competing in over a dozen different sports.

Team LGBTI is slightly larger than the contingents from Estonia, Mongolia and Puerto Rico, each of which has 42 athletes. With 48 athletes, Israel is only slightly larger than Team LGBTI.

In the past, out athletes have had incredible success winning medals. In London in 2016, over 40% of the out athletes won a medal, which is exceptionally high.

Even though the number of out athletes is higher than ever this year, they still account for less than 0.4% of all of the athletes competing, which is by our guess about a tenth of what it would be if all LGBTI athletes in Rio were publicly out.

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