Nicola Adams, an openly bisexual boxer from Britain, won the gold medal today in the women's flyweight division at the Rio Olympics. It was her second consecutive boxing gold after winning the title in London in 2012.

"The gold rush continues," Adams told the BBC. "I'm now officially the most accomplished amateur boxer Great Britain has ever had. I can't believe it."

Adams, from Leeds, has won Olympic, European and Commonwealth golds and now becomes the first Briton to defend her Olympic crown since middleweight Harry Mallin in 1924.

Adams, 33, won by unanimous decision over Sarah Ourahmoune of France.

In an interview earlier this year with the Huffington Post, she was openly proud about being an out athlete and that she never hid her sexuality.

"I didn't really come out kinda thing, I was just me, and it was just kind of accepted I guess – I just wanted that to be one part of me, it's not everything I do and at the end of the day I'm a sports player, I'm an athlete, and that's just one part of me."

"I get tweets and messages all the time saying by seeing you coming out it has helped me come out as well and I think I was just being myself," she tells HuffPost UK.

Adams is the second publicly out gay, lesbian or bisexual athlete to win an individual gold in Rio, joining Brazilian judo athlete Rafaela Silva. You can keep track of the out medal winners here. There are 53 out athletescompeting at the Olympics.